Newton County, Mississippi

U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army

Cary Hugh Blackburn PVT US Army
William J. Braddock PFC US Army
Cecil H. Brewer PVT US Army
Adrian O. Burnett SGT US Army
James Sidney Burns 2LT US Army
Paul D. Comans PFC US Army
Ben F. Coursey SSG US Army
William G. Coursey CPL US Army
Ernest H. Crane CPL US Army
Odell N. Edmonds SGT US Army
John D. Elam PFC US Army
Sidney Evans PVT US Army
William D. Ezell PVT US Army
Nathan E. Farrow PFC US Army
Algie Gibson PVT US Army
Sam O. Graham PFC US Army
Robert W. Harner 1LT US Army
Walter B. Idom TSG US Army
T. O. Irby PVT US Army
Henry E. Johnson PVT US Army
James C. Jones PFC US Army
Jim J. Lovett PVT US Army
William C. Lovett PFC US Army
Windell B. May PFC US Army
Brown McClinton PVT US Army
Ray H. McDonald SGT US Army
Joe S. McElwee SGT US Army
Hughie F. McNeece PVT US Army
Marion L. Meawers FLO US Army
Lloyd H. Overstreet PVT US Army
Hezekiah Pettery PVT US Army
Viron H. Phillips PVT US Army
Ulmer B. Rainey PVT US Army
Walter F. Rhodes PVT US Army
Thomas C. Robinson PFC US Army
Roger L. Taylor PFC US Army
LaVerne Dewitt Thames 1LT US Army
John A. Thomas Jr. PFC US Army
Carl I. Vance PVT US Army
Gordon Welborn SSG US Army
Bilbon Wheeler PVT US Army
Hulon W. Williams 2LT US Army
Raymond Williams PFC US Army
Pruitt Wilson PFC US Army
Kermit M. Winstead PVT US Army

U. S. Coast Guard

U. S. Marines

U. S. Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos or your servicemen that fought in World War II. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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